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Experimentation helps determine the effectiveness of proposed theories and methods. But computer science has not developed a concise taxonomy of methods for demonstrating the validity of new techniques. E ffective software can mean software that is low cost, reliable, rapidly developed, safe, or has some other relevant attribute. To determine whether a(More)
—Exhaustive testing of computer software is intractable, but empirical studies of software failures suggest that testing can in some cases be effectively exhaustive. Data reported in this study and others show that software failures in a variety of domains were caused by combinations of relatively few conditions. These results have important implications(More)
Although experimentation is an accepted approach toward scientiic validation in most scientiic disciplines, it only recently has gained acceptance within the software development community. In this paper we discuss a 12 model classiication scheme for performing experimentation within the software development domain. We evaluate over 600 published papers in(More)
the prospect of software certification seems dubious. Software vendors promise that disks are free of defects, but state emphatically that they can't guarantee that the software on them is defect-free, nor that it is suitable for any purpose whatsoever. When it comes to determining whether a software product is dependable, safe, and effective, consumers are(More)