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Event-related potentials were recorded during a mental rotation task. Subjects were shown pairs of letter-like shapes and were asked to make a parity judgment. The shape on the left was always in its canonical position and the shape on the right could either be in its canonical position or be a mirror image. Two variables were manipulated for the shape on(More)
This study utilizes geomorphology, marine sediment data, environmental reconstructions and the Gorham ́s cave occupational record during the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition to illustrate the impacts of climate changes on human population dynamics in the Western Mediterranean. Geomorphologic evolution has been dated and appears to be driven primarily(More)
The apparent electrophoretic mobilities of indomethacin in beta-cyclodextrin at a range of concentrations were measured directly by capillary electrophoresis. Three different linear plots and a non linear plot are proposed for the apparent binding constant calculations, based on the fact that the molar ratio of the inclusion complex was 1:1. K values(More)
Sapropels, which are dark sediments with organic carbon content s 2 wt%, are common in eastern Mediterranean sections. In some western Mediterranean sites, however, even organic-rich layers (ORLs) are not detected in sections spanning the S1 sapropel deposition event (9500^6000 yr BP). We compare geochemical and mineralogical compositions in cores from the(More)
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