Dolores Escudero

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Quantitative real-time reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR) is a useful tool for assessing gene expression in different tissues, but the choice of adequate controls is critical to normalise the results, thereby avoiding differences and maximizing sensitivity and accuracy. So far, many genes have been used as a single reference gene, without having previously(More)
The Spanish Quality Assurance Program applied to the process of donation after brain death entails an internal stage consisting of a continuous clinical chart review of deaths in critical care units (CCUs) performed by transplant coordinators and periodical external audits to selected centers. This paper describes the methodology and provides the most(More)
Organ transplantation is the sole treatment to improve or save the life of patients with final-stage organ failure. The shortage of available organs for transplantation constitutes a universal problem, estimating that 10% of patients on waiting lists die. Brain death is an undesirable result; nevertheless, it has beneficial side-effects since it is the most(More)
INTRODUCTION Although the diagnosis of brain death (BD) is usually based on clinical criteria, in sedated patients, ancillary techniques are needed. This study was designed to assess the accuracy of cerebral multislice computed tomographic angiography (CTA) and CT perfusion (CTP) in diagnosing BD. METHODS Prospective observational study in 27 BD patients.(More)
To assess the differences in the deflation pressure-volume (PV) curves between acute respiratory distress syndrome from pulmonary (ARDSp) and extrapulmonary (ARDSe) origin. Prospective study. Twenty-bed intensive care unit in an university hospital. Ten patients within the first 24 h from meeting ARDS criteria, classified as ARDSp or ARDSe in a clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS Long-bone pseudoarthrosis is a major orthopedic concern because of numerous factors such as difficulty of the treatment, high recurrence, high costs and the devastating effects on the patients' quality of life, which sometimes ends in amputation. Although the "gold standard" for the treatment of this pathology is autologous bone grafting,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the Bispectral Index Scale (BIS) monitor as a method of brain death (BD) detection. PATIENTS AND METHODS We performed an observational prospective study in an intensive care unit (ICU) of a university hospital of 19 patients hospitalized nonconsecutively in the ICU with serious neurologic pathology and evolution toward BD. A BIS(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the design and comfort in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs), by analysing visiting hours, information, and family participation in patient care. DESIGN Descriptive, multicentre study. SETTING Spanish ICUs. METHODS A questionnaire e-mailed to members of the Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Critical and Coronary Units(More)