Dolores Díaz

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Diseases that result from infection are, in general, a consequence of specific interactions between a pathogenic organism and the cells. The study of host-pathogen interactions has provided insights for the design of drugs with therapeutic properties. One area that has proved to be promising for such studies is the constituted by carbohydrates which(More)
We report clinical, biopsy and autopsy findings in a merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD) infant with abnormal cortical gyration. Brain showed polymicrogyria and occipital agyria with marginal neuroglial heterotopia and inferior vermis hypoplasia. There was a normal pattern of myelination consistent with early age. Laminin alpha 2 chain was(More)
  • Francisco Javier, Cañada Vicinay, Rmn, Reconocimiento Molecular, Ana Ardá, Freire Mª +16 others
  • 2015
15 N) mediante el etiquetado químico, tanto de los ligandos como de los receptores, con metales paramagnéticos (lantánidos). Estas metodologías se extienden al estudio de otros sis-temas biológicos y modelos químicos de reconocimiento molecular (p. péptidos antibióticos u otros) en colaboraciones que se mantienen con otros grupos del Departamento y del CIB,(More)
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