Dolev Dotan

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Today almost every IT specialist uses models of some form or another. Models help raise the abstraction level of a system description. Although models usually describe IT systems statically, they can also be used to describe the dynamic behaviour of the system. The OMG's MDA ® approach suggests describing business and application logic separately from any(More)
We present HyperFlow, a novel visual language for information analysis that combines features from visual dataflow and visual query languages into a unified framework. HyperFlow is designed to make it easier for users to retrieve, filter, and manipulate information, using databases alongside e.g. web services, in a transparent, intuitive, reproducible and(More)
Analyzing the occurrence of stops in transportation systems is an important challenge to better understand traffic congestion problems and find corresponding solutions. We propose an efficient system to analyze stop occurrences. It consists of two major parts: (1) an efficient clustering algorithm to partition the stops into groups based on strongly(More)
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