Doland Nichols

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7 About 2% of English-language literature on plantations deals with mixed-species 8 plantations, but only a tiny proportion (<0.1%) of industrial plantations are 9 polycultures. Small landholders are more innovative, with 12% of Australia's farm 10 forestry plantations under mixed-species plantings, and 80% of Queensland's farm 11 forestry as polycultures.(More)
We compare several migration traveltime computation methods in the complex Marmousi velocity model. The methods considered include: Band-limited Green's functions, parax-ial ray tracing, " NORSAR " wavefront construction, Zhang's local ray tracing, van Trier – Symes' upwind finite-difference scheme, and Podvin's eikonal solver. Each of the methods was(More)
A method for modulation of semiconductor lasers based on the modulation of the optical confinement factor is demonstrated. Using this method, an enhanced Ϫ3 dB bandwidth is observed in agreement with the small signal rate equation analysis. A modulation response that drops at high frequencies slower than the conventional direct current modulation response(More)
The reflected radiance in topographically complex areas is severely affected by variations in topography; thus, topographic correction is considered a necessary pre-processing step when retrieving biophysical variables from these images. We assessed the performance of five topographic corrections: (i) C correction (C), (ii) Minnaert, (iii) Sun Canopy Sensor(More)
We investigated a strategy to improve predicting capacity of plot-scale above-ground biomass (AGB) by fusion of LiDAR and Landsat5 TM derived biophysical variables for subtropical rainforest and eucalypts dominated forest in topographically complex landscapes in North-eastern Australia. Investigation was carried out in two study areas separately and in(More)
Understanding depth distribution of roots may help develop an understanding of plant productivity and the limits to productivity by indicating which parts of the soil profile are being accessed for water and nutrients. The subtropical east coast of Australia provides climatic and soil conditions that produce some of the highest plant productivity rates in(More)
This special issue of Small-Scale Forestry is concerned with private native forestry (PNF) in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Private native forests comprise indigenous species in a semi-natural formation on privately owned land. Such forests are usually uneven-aged, and regenerated naturally rather than by sowing or planting. These forests are of major(More)
We have fabricated high-speed Si metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors using(19) F(+) ion implantation in low-doped Si. Bandwidths in excess of 6 GHz have been obtained that represent more than an order-of-magnitude improvement over unimplanted counterparts. Measurements with short optical pulses show that the increase in bandwidth is due primarily to a(More)