Dojanah Bader

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Standard grafts and nerve-intact grafts of the extensor digitorum longus muscle were compared in the rat. In standard grafts the muscle was completely removed from its bed and replaced; nerve-intact grafts were treated in an identical manner except that the muscle nerve was not severed. Nerve-intact grafts underwent the same sequence of skeletal muscle(More)
Data Mining (DM) represents the process of extracting interesting and previously unknown knowledge from data. This study proposes a new algorithm called FD_Discover for discovering Functional Dependencies (FDs) from databases. This algorithm employs some concepts from relational databases design theory specifically the concepts of equivalences and the(More)
Small Organization has an effective role in countries economy. Vicious competition has stressed managers to spend more time on finding the most appropriate management style that will make their companies survive in today's changing market. Now organizations has to think seriously about how to align its major business objectives with their information(More)
Tissue regeneration requires proper spatial allocation and organization of stem cells for efficient return to homeostasis (1, 2). Crypts of Lieberkühn are subunits that house intestinal stem cells and are lost in response to a variety of insults, including ischemia, infection, irradiation, and inflam-matory bowel disease (3). Although individual crypts(More)
Materials transfer agreements will be required for the acquisition of the Wnt5a f/f mice from the National Cancer Institute and the L-WRN cell line from the Washington Univ. Medical School. The data presented in this manuscript are tabulated in the main paper and in the supplementary materials. 5 Insect herbivores are hypothesized to be major factors(More)
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