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The World Wide Web evolved so rapidly that it is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. That is why currently the most popular infection vectors used by cyber criminals are either web pages or commonly used documents (such as pdf files). In both of these cases, the malicious actions performed are written in Java Script. Because of this, Java Script(More)
In the past few years, the amount of malicious software increased exponentially and, therefore, machine learning algorithms became instrumental in identifying clean and malware files through (semi)-automated classification. When working with very large datasets, the major challenge is to reach both a very high malware detection rate and a very low false(More)
Writing modern day executable packers has turned into a rather profitable business. In many cases, the reason for packing is not protecting genuine applications against piracy or plagiarism, but rather avoiding reverse-engineering and detection of malicious samples. Unlike developers, which show moderate interest for using a packer and lack time and(More)
With the increased use of Internet, governments and large companies store and share massive amounts of personal data in such a way that leaves no space for transparency. When a user needs to achieve a simple task like applying for college or a driving license, he needs to visit a lot of institutions and organizations, thus leaving a lot of private data in(More)
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