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Prevalence and Etiology of Community-acquired Pneumonia in Immunocompromised Patients
Of patients with pneumonia coming from the community, 18% are immunocompromised, which has to be taken into consideration when choosing empirical therapy. Expand
Same Spirit, Different Structure: Francis Bacon on Inanimate and Animate Matter
This article argues that for Francis Bacon there is only one type of spiritual matter, which acquires different qualities and performs different functions within bodies depending on the structureExpand
An international perspective on hospitalized patients with viral community-acquired pneumonia
In an international scenario, testing frequency for viruses in CAP is very low and adherence to recommendations for treatment with oseltamivir is poor. Expand
Extracts from a paper laboratory: the nature of Francis Bacon’s Sylva sylvarum
ABSTRACT Francis Bacon’s Sylva sylvarum (1626/7) has puzzled scholars since the seventeenth century. Published in the year of Bacon’s death by his erstwhile chaplain, William Rawley, it looks veryExpand
Bode index in different phenotypes of COPD
Frequent exacerbators with chronic CB and without CB were thinner, had more dyspnea, worse exercise capacity, BODE scores and hyperinflation in comparison with non-exacerbators and patients with ACOS, and there was a weak correlation between phenotypes and BODE. Expand
Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life in Different Phenotypes of COPD
Frequent exacerbators with chronic CB and without CB had the similar total SGRQ scores, CCQ scores and CAT, and these scores were worse in comparison with HRQL of non-exacerbators and patients with ACOS. Expand
Francis Bacon: constructing natural histories of the invisible.
The Historia naturalis et experimentalis is described as a text about matter theory, the histories of which are ascending from what is most evident to the senses to what is least accessible to them, permitting one to delve ever more profoundly into the structure of nature. Expand