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This study provides a resolution for two contrasting hypotheses around media use, the augmentation and the displacement hypotheses. To do this, we conducted an online survey of 300 Korean adults examining the relationships among the social use of media, face-to-face communication, social isolation, connectedness, and subjective well-being. The results(More)
Although affects such as interest, contentment, excitement, and relaxation are positive in valence, we argue that the cognitive and motivational functions of specific affects differ, making the effects of interest versus contentment and excitement versus relaxation differential in the adoption of new technology. We hypothesized that while interest and(More)
Adolescence is a sensitive period of time for developing social abilities such as cognitive empathy. Thus, social experiences in this time period are more influential in forming the social abilities than during other periods in life. Video games are agent-based media in which game players carry out their own action in a mediated world whose rules are(More)
This study examined the role of display size and mode in increasing users' sense of being together with and of their psychological immersion in a virtual character. Using a high-resolution three-dimensional virtual character, this study employed a 2×2 (stereoscopic mode vs. monoscopic mode×actual human size vs. small size display) factorial design in an(More)
A novel image compression algorithm based on generalized principal component analysis (GPCA) is proposed in this work. Each image block is first classified into a subspace and is represented with a linear combination of the basis vectors for the subspace. Therefore, the encoded information consists of subspace indices, basis vectors and transform(More)
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