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We consider a model for network platform competition between the current " Best Effort " (BE) network and a hypothetical " Next Generation Network " (NGN). We suppose there are indirect network externalities between content providers (CPs) and users of each platform. Moreover, we suppose that NGN users can access BE content, thus there is a cross-platform,(More)
or distribution of any data or software is prohibited. You must treat the Program and associated materials and any elements thereof like any other copyrighted material. Tous droits du producteur et du propriétaire de ce produit sont réservés. L'OCDE autorise la reproduction d'un seul exemplaire de ce programme pour usage personnel et non commercial(More)
The serine/threonine kinase Akt has been intensely studied for its role in growth factor-mediated cell survival for the past 5 years. On the other hand, the ongoing research effort has recently uncovered novel regulatory mechanisms and downstream effectors of Akt that demonstrate the involvement of Akt in other cellular functions such as cell cycle(More)
OBJECTIVE With growing demand for health information and rapid development of information technology, health information websites are emerging as the most effective media to meet the public's needs for health information. This article is intended to offer a technical view on the design and operations of health information websites. Along this line, employed(More)
It is well known that the cost of executing the sequential portion of a program will limit and sometimes even eclipse the gains brought by processing in parallel the rest of the program. This means that serious consideration should be brought to bear on accelerating the execution of this unavoidable sequential part. Such acceleration can be done by boosting(More)
  • Dohoon Kim
  • 2013
Keywords: Competition Economic analysis Game theory Marketing Regulation Social commerce Social networks Tragedy of the commons a b s t r a c t This study provides a model that captures the essential features of the social commerce business. The model focuses on the relationship between key decision issues, such as marketing expenditures and the revenue(More)
Since the access control environment has changed and the threat of insider information leakage has come to the fore, studies on risk-based access control models that decide access permissions dynamically have been conducted vigorously. Medical information systems should protect sensitive data such as medical information from insider threat and enable(More)
Security development project planning is a tricky task because a security manager is not sure about what combination of effective safeguards should be implemented to prevent threats from occurring and damaging future business continuity. Such the decision making problem is necessarily accompanied with investment constraints (e.g. limited budget, positive(More)