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OBJECTIVE With growing demand for health information and rapid development of information technology, health information websites are emerging as the most effective media to meet the public's needs for health information. This article is intended to offer a technical view on the design and operations of health information websites. Along this line, employed(More)
We consider a model for network platform competition between the current “Best Effort” (BE) network and a hypothetical “Next Generation Network” (NGN). We suppose there are indirect network externalities between content providers (CPs) and users of each platform. Moreover, we suppose that NGN users can access BE content, thus there is a cross-platform,(More)
  • Dohoon Kim
  • Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
  • 2013
This study provides a model that captures the essential features of the social commerce business. The model focuses on the relationship between key decision issues, such as marketing expenditures and the revenue streams that are created. As more social commerce businesses enter the marketplace, they are faced with fierce competition, which may lead to sharp(More)
It is well known that the cost of executing the sequential portion of a program will limit and sometimes even eclipse the gains brought by processing in parallel the rest of the program. This means that serious consideration should be brought to bear on accelerating the execution of this unavoidable sequential part. Such acceleration can be done by boosting(More)
Since the access control environment has changed and the threat of insider information leakage has come to the fore, studies on risk-based access control models that decide access permissions dynamically have been conducted vigorously. Medical information systems should protect sensitive data such as medical information from insider threat and enable(More)
  • Dohoon Kim
  • Encyclopedia of Information Science and…
  • 2005
The enterprise intelligence through e-transformation is one of the cornerstones of the next-generation ebusiness era where the Internet constitutes the core business resource. Furthermore, the severe competitive landscape of e-business makes firms focus on their core capability and farm out staffing functions such as IT. Under this circumstance, enhancing(More)
The electrostatic potential in the 3-port pyramidal cell is investigated by solving Laplace’s equation. Potentials are expressed in eigenfunctions in spherical coordinates. The mode-matching method is applied with the orthogonality of sinusoidal function to obtain simultaneous series equations. Numerical computations are carried out to illustrate the(More)
OBJECTIVES This research was conducted to identify both the users' service requirements on health information websites (HIWs) and the key functional elements for running HIWs. With the quality function deployment framework, the derived service attributes (SAs) are mapped into the suppliers' functional characteristics (FCs) to derive the most critical FCs(More)