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Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings are often contaminated with muscle artifacts. This disturbing myogenic activity not only strongly affects the visual analysis of EEG, but also most surely impairs the results of EEG signal processing tools such as source localization. This article focuses on the particular context of the contamination epileptic(More)
Grip-strength, walking speed and weight-loss are key measurements in the evaluation of frailty. According to L. Fried, these quantities are compared with thresholds, leading to associated frailty indices that would afterwards be combined to establish an overall decision. One of the consequences of frailty is an increasing risk of falls, which are a major(More)
Frailty is an increasingly common geriatric condition that results in an increased risk of adverse health outcomes such as falls. The most widely-used means of detecting frailty is the Fried phenotype, which includes several objective measures such as grip strength and gait velocity. One method of screening for falls is to measure balance, which can be done(More)
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