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This paper presents a new approach to an auditory model for robust speech recognition in noisy environments. The proposed model consists of cochlear bandpass lters and nonlinear operations in which frequency information of the signal is obtained by zero-crossing intervals. Intensity information is also incorporated by a peak detector and a compressive(More)
The Ensemble Interval Histogram (EIH) is an auditory model which can be used as a robust \front-end" for speech recognition systems. The utilization of multiple level-crossing detectors in the EIH provides frequency and intensity information, which may be useful for speech processing. Proper determination of the number of levels and the level values is very(More)
We propose a novel speech enhancement algorithm, termed improved global soft decision (IGSD). IGSD is a unified framework for global soft decision on speech absence/presence, noise spectrum estimation, spectral gain modification based on Ephraim-Malah noise suppression. In IGSD, speech absence probability (SAP) is the most important factor, and we propose(More)