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Using light- and electron-microscopic techniques, a quantitative histological study of the rat saphenous nerve has been carried out. The distribution of myelinated fibre diameters was bimodal; while that of the unmyelinated axons was unimodal. The variation of myelin sheath thickness with axon diameter was non-linear; two straight lines were found to fit(More)
  • D Alpsan
  • 1981
Contralateral and ipsilateral cortical somatosensory evoked potentials to selective activation of different diameter sural nerve fiber groups were recorded in cats. Activation of alpha fibers evoked a well defined positive-negative primary potential at the contralateral somatosensory area II. Activation of delta fibers in addition to alpha fibers resulted(More)
Summary form only given, as follows. The results of an investigation conducted to examine the effects of various input data forms on learning of a neural network for classifying auditory evoked potentials are presented. The long-term objective is to use the classification in an automated device for hearing threshold testing. Feedforward multilayered neural(More)
Five far-field components were identified preceding the cortical wave in response to the stimulation of the A beta fibers of the sural nerve. When A delta activity was also included in the afferent volley, a second cortical wave and additional far-field potentials were recorded. Upon blocking the A beta fiber activity and thus isolating the peripheral input(More)
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