Doerthe A Lencer

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BACKGROUND Detailed assessment of antibody responses to allergens reveals clinically relevant information about both host response and antigen structure. Microarray technology offers advantages of scale and parallel design over previous methods of epitope mapping. OBJECTIVE We designed a redundant peptide microarray for IgE and IgG4 epitope mapping of the(More)
BACKGROUND Better understanding of the relationship between antibody response to peanut and clinical sensitivity might lead to more accurate prognostication. OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate peanut-specific IgE and IgG4 epitope diversity in relation to challenge-defined clinical sensitivity to peanut in a group of peanut-sensitized children. METHODS(More)
Agonists of the dopamine receptors have been demonstrated to have bronchodilatory properties in pathologically constricted airways. The mechanism by which these agonists induce bronchodilatation is thought to involve airway sensory nerves. In this study, the expression and function of dopamine D(2) receptor were examined in sensory ganglia supplying the(More)
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