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Cytokines may cause an acquired growth hormone (GH) resistance in patients with inflammatory diseases. Anabolic effects of GH are mediated through activation of STAT5 transcription factors. We have reported that TNF-alpha suppresses hepatic GH receptor (GHR) gene expression, whereas the cytokine-inducible SH2-containing protein 1 (Cis)/suppressors of(More)
Human placental (hPLAP) and germ cell (PLAP-like) alkaline phosphatases are polymorphic and heat-stable enzymes. This study was designed to develop specific immunoassays for quantifying hPLAP and PLAP-like enzyme activity (EA) in sera of cancer patients, pregnant women, or smokers. Polyclonal sheep anti-hPLAP antibodies were purified by affinity(More)
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