Dodamane Revanappa Prithviraj

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PURPOSE Osseointegration being an accepted and well-documented concept, attention is now directed towards simplification of the mechanical design of implants and towards achieving biomechanical success. The aim of this literature review is to provide an overview of the one-piece implant, with its advantages and disadvantages over a conventional two-piece(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of tissue, whether congenital or traumatic or resulting from malignancy or radical surgery, is accompanied by esthetic and psychological effects. Fabrication of an ocular prosthesis is a challenging and time-consuming procedure. PATIENTS AND TECHNIQUES This article describes two different techniques of iris customization on two different(More)
Diminution of the orbital contents post-surgical removal of a malignant tumor can have a severe psychological impact on the patient in terms of function and esthetics. Therefore, esthetic remedy should be planned subsequently, since tumor obliteration precedes cosmetic concern. A convenient option for successful rehabilitation in such patients is a simple,(More)
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