Dobromir T. Dimitrov

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There are bacteria that can form strong biofilms in porous media. These biofilms can be used as biobarriers to restrict the flow of pollutants. For certain contaminants, a second species of bacteria that can actually react with the contaminants can be added to the biobarrier to actually degrade the pollutants. We propose some mathematical models for the(More)
Temperate-zone bats are subject to serious energetic constraints due to their high surface area to volume relations, the cost of temperature regulation, the high metabolic cost of flight, and the seasonality of their resources. We present a novel, multilevel theoretical approach that integrates information on bat biology collected at a lower level of(More)
Predator-prey systems with linear and logistic intrinsic growth rate of the prey are analyzed. The models incorporate the mutual interference between predators into the functional response which stabilizes predator-prey interactions in the system. Positive and elementary stable nonstandard (PESN) finite-difference methods, having the same qualitative(More)
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