Dobrinka Petrova

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Proteins are presented with sequences of secondary structure elements - helices and sheets, which compose them. Geometric properties of protein chains are considered, when distance factors are computed. Each distance factor shows relative position of two compared elements. Protein structures are compared by an alignment algorithm, applied to sequences of(More)
Protein secondary structure comparison combined with an alignment of backbone dihedral angles is proposed as an approach for protein structure similarity detection. The biological background of the method is presented. Rules for construction of the models of compared proteins are considered. A measure of dihedral angles distance is defined to service the(More)
The application of an algorithm for largest common subgraph detection for comparison of protein molecules is investigated. Proteins are presented with graph models, which are searched for their largest common subgraph. Heuristic algorithm is applied to speed up the comparison. Parameters of the model and the algorithm are examined and analysed to find their(More)
End Space Free Alignment Algorithm with Geometric Properties Detection is tested with different cytokines for similarity detection. The results are compared with the work of two protein structure comparison methods with proven quality -- DALI and VAST. Compared values are analyzed and show that the tested algorithm proposes very good results. The tests and(More)
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