Doan Khanh Han

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This paper analyzes the design variations of an electromagnetic linear actuator with a divided coil excitation system, such as the colenoid system, using the equivalent magnetic circuit (EMC) method. First, the magnitude and direction of magnetic flux for each pole can be obtained using the EMC method, while the magnetic flux density for each pole is(More)
Video surveillance is rapidly increasing meaningful approach for deterrent to crime, and ability to apprehend a suspect when a crime occurs. Before few years video surveillance paired with security guards which means security guards should watch surveillance TV at 24/7 days it made more pricy. But nowadays it’s turned into automatic which gives good safety(More)
Business processes (BPs) are among the most valuable assets of an organization. Knowledge management and best practices can be supported by a repository for the management, sharing and retrieval of business processes in a company or among collaborating organizations. To be effective the repository needs to provide an efficient, expressive and user-friendly(More)
This paper address a low power, high speed class AB buffer amplifier topology for liquid crystal display applications which offer a rail to rail common mode input range. The presented circuit use two comparator circuit inside it to enhance the slewing capabilities with a limited power consumption and it draw a very small quiescent current during static(More)
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