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Flying over the clouds or driving through the crowd, to work in an auto-managed and scalable environment or to get overwhelmed with the management as well as the development techniques and costly resources. That is the current common problem facing most small to medium sized organizations. Cloud computing has been a breakthrough recently helping in the(More)
Keyword Search Over Relational Databases (KSORDB) provides an easy way for casual users to access relational databases using a set of keywords. Although much research has been done and several prototypes have been developed recently, most of this research implements exact (also called syntactic or keyword) match. So, if there is a vocabulary mismatch, the(More)
Caching frequently asked queries is an effective way to improve the performance of both centralized and distributed database systems. Intensive works have been done in this area to propose different query caching techniques and to evaluate their performance. However, most of these works were confined to caching previous query results in a single-level(More)
Queries with aggregation represent an important aspect in database systems. They are widely used in online analytical processing, decision support systems, and data analytics. Aggregate functions usually perform calculations on a set of values of a particular column and return a single summarized value. However, handling aggregate functions becomes a(More)
In the last years, uncertainty management became an important aspect as the presence of uncertain data increased rapidly. Due to the several advanced technologies that have been developed to record large quantity of data continuously, resulting is a data that contain errors or may be partially complete. Instead of dealing with data uncertainty by removing(More)
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