Doaa Hassan

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Distributed applications typically involve many components, each with unique security and privacy requirements. Such applications require fine-grained access control mechanisms that allow dynamic delegation and revocation of access rights. Embedding such domain-specific requirements in a functional language like Haskell puts all the expressiveness of the(More)
—We present a model for securing Map/Reduce computation in the cloud. The model uses a language based security approach to enforce information flow policies that vary dynamically due to a restricted revocable delegation of access rights between principals. The decentralized label model (DLM) is used to express these policies. We present a scenario that(More)
Mycetoma is a unique neglected tropical disease which is endemic in what is known as the "mycetoma belt". The disease has many devastating impacts on patients and communities in endemic area and is characterised by massive deformity, destruction and disability. Mycetoma is commonly seen in the foot and hand and less frequent in other parts of the body.(More)
This paper focuses on the different challenges to design a security typed web scripting language. It uses the type system approach on a simple imperative language that captures a subset of the security typed web language constructs to express the security properties that must be held in the language with respect to its formal semantics to prevent insecure(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is by far the most prevalent skin cancer. Eighty percent of BCC affect the facial skin. The greatest challenge is removing all tumor cells to prevent a recurrence in complicated cases , as recurrent tumor are more difficult to cure. Ten patients with basal cell carcinoma on the nose and five patients with basal cell carcinoma on(More)
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