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Keywords: Digital forensic investigation Android forensics Data acquisition Data integrity Android Recovery Mode JTAG a b s t r a c t At the time of this writing, Android devices are widely used, and many studies considering methods of forensic acquisition of data from Android devices have been conducted. Similarly, a diverse collection of smartphone(More)
In this paper, we design and implement a prototype of magnetic sensor network to detect automobiles on roads. Through this design and implementation, we 1) summarize several requirements to be satisfied by the magnetic sensor network 2) design the sensor network architecture based on the requirements, and 3) conduct some experiments to prove the accuracy(More)
This paper presents the cooperative lateral control algorithm for automatic valet parking (AVP). While a position measurement system such as DGPS is in general used for autonomous driving on highway, the position information is provided for AVP via vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication. Both noise and time delay for position measurement via V2I is(More)
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