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Burnout and Its Relations with Basic Psychological Needs and Motivation among Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta#Analysis
Abstract Objectives The present study is a review on studies about the relationships between the three basic psychological needs/motivational regulations (i.e., amotivation, controlled regulation,Expand
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Attitude toward advertising through sport: A theoretical framework
An important goal of advertising is designing effective campaigns that foster favorable attitudes toward a product. Attitude toward a product is influenced by one's attitude toward an advertisement.Expand
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How does advertising through sport work? Evidence from college students in Singapore
Abstract The purpose of this study was twofold. First, the researchers compared consumers’ attitude towards four different types of advertising (i.e. advertising through sport, advertising inExpand
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Proposed Model of Attitude Toward Advertising Through Sport
When attending or watching sporting events, amateur or professional, people are exposed to a variety of advertising. People form attitudes toward advertising that influence their decision makingExpand
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Talent Development Environmental Factors in Sport: A Review and Taxonomic Classification
Athletes strive to reach expert performance in sport. However, evidence has shown that the talent development environmental factors significantly influence elite performance. This review study aimedExpand
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Impacts of talent development environments on athlete burnout: a self-determination perspective
ABSTRACT Guided by Deci and Ryan’s (2000) self-determination theory, this survey study aimed to examine the effects of the talent development environmental factors on athlete burnout. TalentedExpand
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Further development of the talent development environment questionnaire for sport
Abstract Given the significance of monitoring the critical environmental factors that facilitate athlete performance, this two-phase research aimed to validate and refine the revised talentExpand
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Perceived Leadership Behavior of Physical Education Teacher-Coaches: When They Teach vs. when They Coach.
The objective of the study was to see whether a teacher-coach exhibits different types of leadership behavior when s/he teaches a PE class and coaches a group of athletes. The participants in thisExpand
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The influence of stadium environment on attendance intentions in spectator sport: the moderating role of team loyalty
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of perceived environmental quality of the stadium on fans’ future intentions to attend a game by highlighting the moderating effect of teamExpand
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Latent Profile Analysis of the Physical Self-Description Among Chinese Adolescents
The purposes of this study were to validate the Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ-S) and examine the physical self-description profiles using Latent Profile Analysis with a ChineseExpand
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