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What information should I provide You can be assured of the privacy and when reporting a complaint? anonymity of your complaint. A complainant's Please provide as much of the following identity is disclosed only to those individuals information as possible when reporting who are acting in an official capacity to a complaint: investigate the complaint. •(More)
Malia has trouble finishing her work by herself. She will play with her pencil or get out of her seat to talk with other students when they are working on assignments. Quinn is smart and likes to finish his work quickly. Because he works quickly, he often makes mistakes. He gets angry when I show him his mistakes and tells me he is not going to fix them.(More)
U ntil June, and for almost the past five years, I was IONA's chief architect. On my first day, the head of human resources walked me around the office and introduced me as " our new senior architect. " Later that afternoon, a new colleague I had met earlier approached me with some confusion about my role. " After all, " he said as he looked at the walls(More)
DO YOU remember the famous 2001 trophy photo of John Walker Lindh – the American Taliban – the most prominent prisoner of the Afghan war? Although he was seriously wounded, starving, freezing, and exhausted, U.S. soldiers handcuffed him naked, scrawled " shithead " across the blindfold, duct-taped him to a stretcher in an unheated and unlit shipping(More)
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