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Changes in the free fatty acid pool size and fatty acyl chain composition of mitochondrial membrane phospholipids and their relation to disruption of mitochondrial function were examined in rat brains after 30 min of cerebral ischemia (Pulsinelli-Brierley model) and 60 min of normoxic reoxygenation. During ischemia, significant hydrolysis of polyunsaturated(More)
Recent evidence suggests that platelet-activating factor plays a role in ischemia-induced neural injury. The Pulsinelli-Brierley four-vessel occlusion model was used to study the effect of a synthetic platelet-activating factor antagonist, BN 50739, and its solvents, either dimethyl sulfoxide or hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin, on cerebral(More)
The effects of dermal fibroblasts on keratinocyte outgrowth on collagen substrata was studied using an in vitro keratinocyte-collagen gel composite model. Skin fibroblasts were seeded inside collagen gels, which remained attached to the cell culture plastic substratum. Fibroblasts incorporated in collagen gels were either kept viable throughout the study,(More)
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