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Trust management evaluates the user trust value of participating nodes in the network based on the past behaviors and satisfaction of sharing resources. However, there also exists security issue even though it has been considered to be safe because malicious user is able to affect the trust management with negative feedback. This paper aims to propose a(More)
Nowadays, most of networks support several tens of Gb/s with advance of the optical technologies. However, TCP protocol is known to be less suitable for fast transmission due to its AIMD characteristic. As an alternative, UDT protocol has been invented to efficiently utilize network bandwidth; it periodically controls the sending rate for the fixed(More)
UDT (UDP-based Data Transfer) is a high speed transfer protocol which can utilize available bandwidth in Long Fat pipe Network (LFN) sufficiently. Meanwhile, it can estimate available bandwidth much greater than the actual available bandwidth when network status is congested resulting in fairness problem. UDT estimates MTR (Maximum Transfer Rate) using pair(More)
Utilizing available bandwidth is a big challenge with advance of high bandwidth network infrastructures and devices. Especially, parallel protocol which creates multi-connections aims to maximize data transfer rate in a HBDP(High Bandwidth Delay Product) network. It is a critical issue to decide the number of optimum channels according to network(More)
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