Do Quang Minh

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OBJECTIVES The largest known dioxin contamination occurred between 1962 and 1970, when 12 million gallons of Agent Orange, a defoliant mixture contaminated with a form of the most toxic dioxin, were sprayed over southern and central Vietnam. Studies were performed to determine if elevated dioxin levels persist in Vietnamese living in the south of Vietnam.(More)
Haemolytic activities of the classical and alternative complement pathways, and levels of C1, C4, C3, factor B and C1 inhibitor (C1-INH) were measured in 85 serum samples from 46 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). Significantly decreased mean C1 and C4 levels were found, and the haemolytic activities of these components were low or low(More)
Profound hypocomplementemia was observed in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. On the basis of the results of complement measurements performed in nine serum samples taken in a period of 6 mo it was demonstrated that the patient had an acquired form of C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency: marked reduction of CH50, C1, C4, and C1-esterase inhibitor(More)
Haemolytic activity of the classical and alternative pathways and the levels of C4, C3 and factor B were serially measured in 153 serum samples of 41 patients with different types of leukaemia (9 AML, 14 ALL, 10 CML and 8 CLL). In parallel, the concentration of circulating immune complexes (CIC) was estimated using two methods, the complement consumption(More)
An optical fiber code-division multiple-access (CDMA) network is proposed in which encoding is based on the use of concatenated sequences of relatively large weight. The first short component sequence in the concatenated sequence permits realistic electronic encoding of each data bit. The chips of this sequence are then all-optically encoded at(More)
C2 synthesis by human peripheral blood monocytes cultured in the presence of human alpha-interferon (IFN-alpha) was studied. IFN-alpha was added in different amounts (1-1000 IU/ml) to the cultures on day 3 and was removed on day 7. As control, mock interferon (m-IFN) was also tested. C2 content of the culture supernatants was measured by immunohaemolytic(More)
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