Do Hyoung Kim

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The timing of referral to a nephrologist may influence the outcome of chronic kidney disease patients, but its impact has not been evaluated thoroughly. The results of a recent study showing an association between early referral and patient survival are still being debated. A total of 1028 patients newly diagnosed as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) from July(More)
INTRODUCTION Severe hyperkalemia, with potassium (K+) levels ≥ 6.5 mEq/L, is a potentially life-threatening electrolyte imbalance. For prompt and effective treatment, it is important to know its risk factors, clinical manifestations, and predictors of mortality. METHODS An observational cohort study was performed at 2 medical centers. A total of 923(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of selecting new types of rectangle features that are suitable for facial expression recognition. The basic concept in this paper is similar to Violar's approach, which is used for face detection. Instead of previous Haar-like rectangle features, we choose rectangle features for facial expression recognition among all(More)
–Socially intelligent robots are no longer an interesting topic of science fiction. In the robotics community, there is a growing interest in building personal robots, or in buidling robots that share the same workspace with humans. Natural interaction between humans and robots is therefore essential. To interact socially with humans, a robot must be able(More)
In the last decade, face analysis, e.g. face recognition, face detection, face tracking and facial expression recognition, is a very lively and expanding research field. As computer animated agents and robots bring a social dimension to human computer interaction, interest in this research field is increasing rapidly. In this paper, we introduce an(More)
An active vision system can control the gaze direction of mounted vision sensors and can overcome many shortcomings of other passive vision systems, which have fixed vision sensors. Furthermore, most visual servoing approaches are concerned with a vision sensor or a passive stereo vision system which has fixed relative coordination between two cameras. In(More)
Recently, service area has been emerging field of robotic applications. Even though assis tant robots play an important role for the disabled and the elderly, they still suffer from operating the robots using conventional interface devices such as joysticks or keyboards. In this paper we propose an efficient computer interface using real-time eye-gaze(More)
In this paper, we extend cascaded rectangle features based face detection to facial expression. New types of rectangle features that are suitable for facial expression recognition (FER) are proposed. We choose those as rectangle features for FER in a 3 Â 3 matrix form, using a variant of AdaBoost. In addition, the FER system constituted with the proposed(More)
In recent decades, active vision systems have been studied widely because they can control the gaze direction of their mounted vision sensors and overcome many shortcomings of passive vision systems which have fixed vision sensors. Due to an increasing interest in humanoid robots and social robots, many researchers in the active vision area are focusing(More)
PURPOSE The colonoscopic polypectomy has become a valuable procedure for removing precursors of colorectal cancer, but some complications can be occurred. The most common complication after colonoscopic polypectomy is bleeding, which is reported to range from 1% to 6% and which can be immediate or delayed. Because the management of delayed postpolypectomy(More)