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Cognitive radio is an opportunistic communication technology designed to help unlicensed users to utilize the maximum available licensed bandwidth. Cognitive radio has recently attracted a lot of research interest. However, little research has been done regarding security in cognitive radio, while much more work has been done on spectrum sensing and(More)
Prevention, not reaction, is normally recognized as one of the best defense strategy against malicious hackers or attackers. The desire of deploying better prevention mechanism motivated many security researchers and practitioners to develop a threat trend analysis model. However, threat trend is not directly revealed from the time-series data because it is(More)
Botnets are a disastrous threat because they execute malicious activities such as distributed denial-of-service, spam email, malware downloads (such as eggdownloads), and spying by exploiting zombie PCs under their control. Botnets infect PCs on a huge scale by initially scanning the service ports of vulnerable applications for the purpose of propagation,(More)
The mobile internet environment which is in the limelight as the important platform of the ubiquitous environment gets accomplished by the intimate relation with user. In order to realize the interaction between device and user, it is considered that resource of exterior/interior user information which can be collected by mobile device and the(More)