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Cognitive radio is an opportunistic communication technology designed to help unlicensed users utilize the maximum available licensed bandwidth. Cognitive radio has recently attracted a lot of research interest. However, little research has been done regarding security in cognitive radio, while much more research has been done on spectrum sensing and(More)
PURPOSE To report interim cosmetic and toxicity results of a multicenter randomized trial comparing accelerated partial-breast irradiation (APBI) using three-dimensional conformal external beam radiation therapy (3D-CRT) with whole-breast irradiation (WBI). PATIENTS AND METHODS Women age > 40 years with invasive or in situ breast cancer ≤ 3 cm were(More)
Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI) have been widely used in treatment of major depression because of their efficacy, safety, and tolerability. Escitalopram, an SSRI, is known to decrease oxidative stress in chronic stress animal models. In the present study, we examined the neuroprotective effects of pre- and post-treatments with 20 mg/kg and(More)
Hepatoprotective activity-guided fractionation of the MeOH extract of Equisetum arvense L. (Equisetaceae) resulted in the isolation of two phenolic petrosins, onitin (1) and onitin-9-O-glucoside (2), along with four flavonoids, apigenin (3), luteolin (4), kaempferol-3-O-glucoside (5), and quercetin-3-O-glucoside (6). Among these, compounds 1 and 4 exhibited(More)
This study examined the relationship between bone mineral density (BMD) and dyslipidemia in South Korean men. Data from 6,300 men who participated in the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2008 to 2010 were analyzed, including serum levels of total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density(More)
OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to investigate the safety and efficacy in preventing relapse of a mood episode in recently manic or mixed episode patients with bipolar I disorder stabilized with aripiprazole and divalproex combination. METHODS This randomized, 24-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter study enrolled patients from 23(More)
Primary breast lymphoma is an extremely rare disease. Primary breast mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma is even rarer, and bilateral involvement is exceptional. We report on the F-FDG PET/CT findings in a patient with primary bilateral breast MALT lymphoma. F-FDG PET/CT showed hypermetabolic masses in both breasts. The patient was confirmed(More)
Flavonoids and monophenolic compounds have been well described in recent years as antioxidants and scavengers of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. In the present study, we aimed to characterize the effects of long-term administration of ferulic acid on the centrally administered beta-amyloid peptide (Abeta)(1-42)-induced activation of microglial cells(More)
ncreasing evidence has suggested an association between dietary magnesium intake and metabolic syndrome. However, previous research examining dietary magnesium intake and metabolic syndrome has produced mixed results. Our objective was to determine the relationship between dietary magnesium intake and metabolic syndrome in the adult population using a(More)