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Due to possessing unique structure, sandwich panels have special characteristics which the most important is having high strength to weight ratio. Sandwich panels having diverse prismatic cores have been investigated and comparisons have been carried out for finding the best design. For this reason, the importance of optimization techniques particularly(More)
Water supply systems are mainly classified into branched and looped network systems. The main difference between these two systems is that, in a branched network system, the flow within each pipe is a known value, whereas in a looped network system, the flow in each pipe is considered an unknown value. Therefore, an analysis of a looped network system is a(More)
It is essential to select the optimal pressure gauge location for effective management and maintenance of water distribution systems. This study proposes an objective and quantified standard for selecting the optimal pressure gauge location by defining the pressure change at other nodes as a result of demand change at a specific node using entropy theory.(More)
A core problem in monitoring water quality of a river basin is identifying an optimal positioning of a limited number of water-sampling sites. Various optimality criteria have been suggested for this selection process in earlier studies. However, the search for sets of sampling sites that satisfy such criteria poses a challenging optimization problem,(More)