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Phenobarbital-induced rat liver homogenate and microsomes were used to study covalent binding of l4C-labelled (at the alcohol moiety) cismethrin, 14C-labelled (at the alcohol and acid moieties) cypermethrin, and 14C-labelled (at the alcohol and acid moieties) deltamethrin. Covalent binding was dependent on pyrethroid concentration. With liver homogenate,(More)
Pyrethroids are potent synthetic insecticides which have been increasingly employed in recent years. Such compounds have been shown to bind covalently to hepatic proteins. Covalent binding is often associated with toxic effects. Possible cytotoxic, cytogenotoxic and allergenic effects could be due to covalent binding of these compounds and/or their(More)
A procedure for the quantitation and detection of cannabinoids in biological fluids (plasma and urine) is described. This method is based on isotopic derivatization and double labeling. delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and two of its metabolites (11-hydroxy-delta 9-THC and 8-beta-hydroxy-delta 9-THC) can be detected and measured in plasma or urine. The use of(More)
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