Dmytro Chibisov

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Automatic generation of smooth, non-overlapping meshes on arbitrary regions is the well-known problem. Considered as optimization task the problem may be reduced to finding a minimizer of the weighted combination of so-called length, area, and orthogonality functionals. Unfortunately , it has been shown that on the one hand, certain weights of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a symbolic-numerical algorithm for collision-free placement and motion of an object avoiding collisions with obstacles. The algorithm is based on the combination of configuration space and energy approaches. According to the configuration space approach , the position and orientation of the geometric object to be moved or placed is(More)
We investigate the stability of the modified difference scheme of Kim and Moin for numerical integration of two-dimensional incom-pressible Navier–Stokes equations by the Fourier method and by the method of discrete perturbations. The obtained analytic-form stability condition gives the maximum time steps allowed by stability, which are by factors from 2 to(More)
In the present paper<sup>1</sup> we consider the kinematic properties of robots with 6 rotational joints and describe an approach for optimization of robot motion due to given geometric and differential constraints (i.e. constraints on velocity and orientation of the robot end-effector during the execution of some tasks, and limits on velocities and(More)
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