Dmitry Z Vinnitskiy

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The synthesis of per-O-sulfated derivatives of di-, tetra-, hexa-, octa-, dodeca-, and hexadecafucosides related to natural fucoidans of different types has been performed with the use of previously reported acid-promoted protocol for per-O-sulfation of polyols by SO(3) complexes. During the treatment of (1→3)-linked oligofucosides under these conditions(More)
Sulfated polysaccharides, fucoidans, from brown algae are built up mainly of α-L-fucopyranosyl units and form a group of natural biopolymers with a wide spectrum of biological activities. Systematic synthesis of oligosaccharides representing fucoidans' fragments gives molecular probes for detecting pharmacophores within fucoidan polysaccharide chains.(More)
Great interest in natural furanoside-containing compounds has challenged the development of preparative methods for their synthesis. Herein a novel reaction in carbohydrate chemistry, namely a pyranoside-into-furanoside (PIF) rearrangement permitting the transformation of selectively O-substituted pyranosides into the corresponding furanosides is reported.(More)
Synthesis, theoretical conformational analysis (molecular mechanics and DFT calculations) and NMR spectral data including the (13)C-NMR glycosylation effects for six pairs of isomeric furanosyl-(1→3)-pyranosides with different anomeric and absolute configurations of furanosyl units as well as configurations of C2 and C4 in the pyranoside units are(More)
Unsubstituted and 6-O-α-L-fucosylated propyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-β-D-galactopyranosides and their selectively O-sulfated (both in GalNAc and Fuc units) derivatives were synthesized as model compounds representing the fragments of fucosylated chondroitin sulfates (FCS) from sea cucumbers. Per-O-acetylated 2-deoxy-2-N-phthalimido-D-glucopyranose was used as a(More)
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