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The combined segmentation method of the same objects in a series of images is proposed.<br/>This method is based on the propagation a single image segmentation results for all images in the series.<br/>Images in the series transformed to the base image and segmented using previously obtained masks.
It is known that in Description Logics explicit concept defin-ability is directly related to concept interpolation. The problem to decide whether a concept is definable under a TBox wrt a signature usually reduces to entailment in the underlying logic. If an explicit definition exists , then it can be found as a concept interpolant for a concept inclusion(More)
The results of studies of the microbiota in areas of intensive human activity in Antarctica are considered. Microbiological monitoring is shown to be possible on the basis of a wide range of modern bacteriological and mycological methods, including the molecular identification of microorganisms. Long-term monitoring studies have provided data on changes in(More)
Capacity of the fungi isolated from the surface of stone monuments for acid formation was studied in cultures under various carbon sources and cultivation conditions. The composition of organic nutrients was adjusted according to the results of investigation of the surface layers from the monuments in urban environment. The primary soil formed at the(More)
Heavy metals, Zn and Cu, in high concentration (2 mM for Zn and 0.5 mM for Cu) have some inhibiting effect on the growth of Aspergillus niger and Penicillium citrinum. Toxic effects of these metals considerably depend on cultivation conditions including nitrogen sources, pH of nutrient media, and its consistency (presence or absence of agar). In general,(More)
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