Dmitry Vlasenko

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∗ Postdoctoral researcher and author of correspondence, Phone: +49 391-67-12-668, Email: Dmitri.Vlasenko@Masch-Bau.Uni-Magdeburg.DE. ABSTRACT This paper presents the modification of a non-iterative algorithm for the component-oriented simulation of the dynamics of multibodies. Now the method can be implemented for the component-oriented simulation of the(More)
This paper presents a recursive algorithm for calculating the forward dynamics of general rigid-body systems using a subsystem approach that is well suited for parallel processing. It is an exact, noniterative algorithm and is applicable to mechanisms with any joint type and any topology, including branches and kinematic loops. The calculation of(More)
The successive coordinate projection method efficiently stabilizes mechanical constraints when the when the non-minimal number of orientation coordinates is used. The implementation of successive approach for standard stabilization methods and for distributed stabilization methods significantly reduces the numerical cost of simulation. The proposed(More)
The process of development of mechanical systems, shown in Fig. 1, is an iterative process, starting from the requirement of users and finishing by a complete product. And during all this procedure we need to perform modelling and testing of developed parts. Fig. 1. V-scheme of product development The virtualisation of this process, i.e. the development and(More)