Dmitry V Kapustin

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A composite sorbent based on porous glass beads modified with thin polyaniline coating was prepared by precipitating aniline polymerization in the presence of carrier particles. It was shown that the modification ensures the uniform coating of the inner surface of the carrier pores with the polymer layer ∼70 Å thick. It was shown that the resulting material(More)
The effect of chemical composition and morphology of the surface layers of new polyaramide-containing sorbents on the mechanism of selective sorption of nucleic acids and proteins was investigated as compared to the previously studied sorbents modified with fluoropolymers and polyaniline (high-throughput materials providing one-step isolation of DNA from(More)
AIMS To demonstrate the effectiveness of application of the adsorbent successively modified with nano-layers of fluoroplast and polyaniline for one-step isolation of DNA of hepatitis B virus and transfusion-transmitted virus from human serum. MATERIALS & METHODS The technique is based on the application of the spin-cartridges containing porous adsorbent(More)
AIMS A new approach for the preparation of adsorbents for one-step isolation/purification of DNA from different samples (e.g., bacterial lysates, smears and blood) has been developed. MATERIALS & METHODS The technique is based on the use of porous silica preliminary treated with ozone followed by grafting of polymer nanolayers on the activated carrier(More)
The efficiency of one-step and multi-step protocols of DNA isolation from lysed sputum samples containing the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex has been compared. DNA was isolated using spin-cartridges containing a special silica-based sorbent modified with fluoroplast and polyaniline, or using an automated isolation system. One-step isolation using the(More)
Composite fluoropolymer-containing sorbents based on porous silicas were synthesized for the isolation and purification of biopolymers under nondenaturing conditions. Examples of the application of these sorbents in the separation of various mixtures of peptides and proteins and purification of nucleic acids from various sources (plasmid DNA and DNA from(More)
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