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223 Interaction of DNA with low molecular weight ligands is of great theoretical and practical interest for molecular biology and pharmacology [1]. DNA is a target for peptide antibiotics, which bind in the minor groove, and for various antitumor drugs, which inter act with it both covalently (through the formation of chemical bonds) and noncovalently (due(More)
BACKGROUND Hot water hydrolysis process is commercially applied for treating wood chips prior to pulping or wood pellet production, while it produces hydrolysis liquor as a by-product. Since the hydrolysis liquor is dilute, the production of value-added materials from it would be challenging. RESULTS In this study, acidification was proposed as a viable(More)
It is proposed to use irregularity, the scale invariant index based on the ideas of fractal geometry to assess the spatial features of font drawings. The index is sensitive to the shape of characters in the font, which affects text legibility. Preliminary results have shown promising application of the proposed index for classifying fonts by reading speeds.
The spent liquor (SL) of a neutral sulfite semichemical (NSSC) pulping process contains a considerable amount of lignocelluloses and is treated in wastewater systems. The lignocelluloses, however, can be used for producing value-added products if they are isolated from the SL. In this article, solvent treatment (mixing acetone, ethanol, or isopropyl with(More)
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