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A novel alkaliphilic spore-forming bacterium was isolated from the benthic sediments of the highly mineralized steppe Lake Khilganta (Transbaikal Region, Russia). Cells of the strain, designated(More)
A thermophilic, anaerobic, chemolithoautotrophic bacterium, strain SH388T, was isolated from a shallow, submarine hydrothermal vent (Kuril Islands, Russia). Cells of strain SH388T were(More)
A novel moderately thermophilic bacterium, strain STGHT, was isolated from Severo-Stavropolskoye underground gas storage (Russia). Cells of strain STGHT were spore-forming motile straight rods 0.3 μm(More)
An anaerobic sulfate-reducing micro-organism, strain 3408-1T, was isolated from a terrestrial hot spring in Kamchatka peninsula (Russia). The cells were spore-forming rods with a Gram-positive type(More)
A novel strictly anaerobic, thermotolerant, moderately halophilic, organotrophic bacterium, strain MRo-4T, was isolated from a sample of a microbial mat, developed under the flow of subsurface water(More)
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