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BACKGROUND Homeobox genes are essential for embryonic patterning and cell fate determination. They are regulated mostly at the transcriptional level. In particular, Prep1 regulates Hox transcription in association with Pbx proteins. Despite its nuclear role as a transcription factor, Prep1 is located in the cytosol of mouse oocytes from primary to antral(More)
This article presents the main results of a large overvoltage protection simulation study, carried out on vacuum breaker switched motors. Different protection solutions, as well as a great number of electrical network parameters, motor starting current and connecting cable characteristics were varied. The study showed that overvoltage protection(More)
The Prep1 homeodomain transcription factor has recently been recognized as a tumor suppressor. Among other features, haploinsufficiency of Prep1 is able to strongly accelerate the B-lymphomagenesis in EμMyc mice. Now we report that this occurs concomitantly with a change in the type of B-cell lymphomas generated by the Myc oncogene. Indeed, the tumors(More)
Meis1 overexpression induces tumorigenicity but its activity is inhibited by Prep1 tumor suppressor. Why does overexpression of Meis1 cause cancer and how does Prep1 inhibit? Tumor profiling and ChIP-sequencing data in a genetically-defined set of cell lines show that: 1) The number of Meis1 and Prep1 DNA binding sites increases linearly with their(More)
OBJECTIVE Prep1 and Pbx2 are the main homeodomain DNA-binding proteins of the TALE (three amino acid loop extension) family expressed in the thymus. We previously reported reduced Pbx2 expression and defective thymocyte maturation in Prep1 hypomorphic mice. To further investigate the role of this homeodomain DNA-binding protein in T cell development, we(More)
The Prep1 (Pknox1) homeodomain transcription factor is essential at multiple stages of embryo development. In the E11.5 embryo trunk, we previously estimated that Prep1 binds about 3,300 genomic sites at a highly specific decameric consensus sequence, mainly governing basal cellular functions. We now show that in embryonic stem (ES) cells Prep1 binding(More)
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