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The relationship between the elastic and dynamic properties of native globular proteins is considered on the basis of a wide set of reported experimental data. The formation of a small cavity, capable of accommodating water, in the protein interior is associated with the elastic deformation, whose contribution to the free energy considerably exceeds the(More)
A Ca(2+)-induced phase separation of palmitic acid (PA) in the membrane of azolectin unilamellar liposomes has been demonstrated with the fluorescent membrane probe nonyl acridine orange (NAO). It has been shown that NAO, whose fluorescence in liposomal membranes is quenched in a concentration-dependent way, can be used to monitor changes in the volume of(More)
An empirical additivity method for calculation of the partial volumes and adiabatic compressibilities of extended oligo- and polypeptides having arbitrary amino acid compositions has been developed and tested by comparison with available experimental data. Its accuracy is the best among the known empirical approaches. Comparison of experimental data on(More)
It is proposed that the plasma membrane in the active zones of synaptic terminals contains self-assembling cooperative domains whose Ca2+-induced solidification may be the driving force of the fast neurotransmitter release in the central synapses. This hypothesis and a qualitative model of the phase-transition-driven exocytosis provide formulation of a(More)
Low dose effects of melittin on dilute suspensions of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine multilamellar vesicles are investigated by studying the acoustic properties of the system. The temperature dependencies of sound velocity and absorption have been measured at 7.2 MHz in the temperature range of 20-55 degrees C, for different peptide/lipid molar ratios, R.(More)
Chain-ordering/melting transition in a series of saturated diacylphosphatidylcholines (PCs) in aqueous dispersions have been studied experimentally (calorimetric and ultrasonic techniques) and theoretically (an Ising-like lattice model). The shape of the calorimetric curves was compared with the theoretical data and interpreted in terms of the lateral(More)
Partial compressibilities of globular proteins in water are reviewed. Contribution of hydrational and of intrinsic compressibilities to experimental partial quantity have been evaluated from ultrasonic data using two independent methods: (a) additive calculation of the hydrational contributions of the surface atomic groups and (b) an analysis of correlation(More)
Specific partial volume, partial compressibility, and sound absorption changes induced by the native-to-molten globule state (acid) transition of the human alpha-lactalbumin were measured by means of densitometric and ultrasonic techniques and interpreted in terms of the protein molecule phase transition and interphase water transfer. The molten globule is(More)
In an effort to evaluate the relative contributions of sequence, ion binding, and hydration to the thermodynamic stability of nucleic acids, we have investigated the melting behavior of a double hairpin and that of its component single hairpins. Temperature-dependent UV absorption and differential scanning calorimetry techniques have been used to(More)