Dmitry N. Gerasimov

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Simple adaptive output control for a class of linear uncertain plants corrupted by disturbance is proposed in the paper. The control law guarantees the robustness of the closed-loop system and exponential convergence of the control error to the neighborhood of zero equilibrium. The main advantage of the proposed approach consists in its simple structure.(More)
algorithm of adaptive torque control in injector internal combustion engine. Abstract Subject of Research. Internal combustion engine as a plant is a highly nonlinear complex system that works mostly in dynamic regimes in the presence of noise and disturbances. A number of engine characteristics and parameters is not known or known approximately due to the(More)
Adaptive state-feedback controller with simple structure is designed for a class of uncertain linear plants with arbitrary relative degree. The design procedure is based on pole placement approach wherein the averaged radius of poles distribution CO is generated by the first order adaptation algorithm. Parameter CO increases until the closed-loop system(More)
Two algorithms of adaptive disturbance compensation for a class of linear plants with input delay are proposed. The disturbance is represented as the output of linear exosystem with known order and unknown parameters. The first algorithm is based on indirect adaptation strategy and implies design of adaptive observer, while the second one exploits the(More)
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