Dmitry Medvedev

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Cyanea is a genus of large bloom-forming scyphozoans, including some of the most conspicuous representatives of megaplankton. Its taxonomy has been revised repeatedly throughout the last century due to the fact that most of the morphological characteristics of Cyanea species, such as color, structure of gastrovascular system and number of tentacles, may(More)
We have developed Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE) for parallel data mining of a set of conditions inside distributed, very large databases from multiple environmental domains. The prime goal for ESSE design is to allow a user to query the environmental data archives in human linguistic terms. The mapping between the human language and the(More)
We present the Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE), a set of algorithms and software tools for distributed querying and mining large environmental data archives. The principal requirement of the ESSE system is to allow the user to query the data in meaningful “human linguistic” terms. The mapping between human language and computer systems involves(More)
The design and development of highly conductive materials with wide electrolytic domain boundaries are among the most promising means of enabling solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) to demonstrate outstanding performance across low- and intermediate-temperature ranges. While reducing the thickness of the electrolyte is an extensively studied means for(More)
In this paper, we describe the ALTICORE (value added satellite ALTImetry in COastal REgions) initiative, a consortium aiming at providing high quality coastal altimetry over some European seas. Taking the Ligurian Sea in the NW Mediterranean as an example, which acts as a test zone for this work, we show the improvement in availability and quality of(More)