Dmitry M Lazurenko

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Spectral power (SP) ratios of the EEG α and β frequencies were used as neurofeedback (NFB) for ten apparently healthy subjects (university students) to control a computer cursor in a graphic interface in three scenarios. The results showed that the scenario that used the SP ratio of the α and β2 frequencies provided for the highest accuracy and best speed(More)
The spectral characteristics of the EEG in 11 healthy right-handed volunteers with no neurological disorders in dynamics of the unusual finger movements of both hands in random rhythm have been investigated. In particular, it is shown that the preparation and execution of voluntary finger movements compared to the rest were accompanied by a reduction level(More)
Studies on 17 volunteers addressed the ability to carry out voluntary control of the expression of the α and β2 frequency bands in the parietal and frontal areas of the cortex using a biofeedback method. The effects of a number of psychological properties on the effectiveness control were studied. The study results showed that in these experiments,(More)
We used the ratio of spectral characteristics of the EEG alpha and beta frequencies recorded in 10 apparently healthy subjects (university students) to control a computer cursor in the graphic interface in three scenarios with the use of neurofeedback. Our results showed that the scenario which uses the power of alpha- and beta-2-frequencies provided the(More)
Analysis of variance and discriminant analysis were used to study EEG spectral characteristics recorded using 15 leads from two professional pilots with more than 15 years of experience, in the frequency band 0.1–70 Hz, during flights on a TU-154 simulator, including takeoff, landing (including in difficult conditions), and horizontal flight. The results(More)
Spectral power (SP) of EEG alpha and beta-2 frequencies in different cortical areas has been used for neurofeedback training to control a graphic interface in different scenarios. The results show that frequency range and brain cortical areas are associated with high or low efficiency of voluntary control. Overall, EEG phenomena observed in the course of(More)
On the purpose to detect in EEG specific patterns associated with any verbal performance the gamma activity were investigated. The technique which allows the subject to initiate the mental pronunciation of words and phrases (inner speech) was created. Wavelet analysis of EEG has been experimentally demonstrated that the preparation and implementation stages(More)
The spectral characteristics of the EEG recorded on two professional pilots in the simulator TU-154 aircraft in flight dynamics, including takeoff, landing and horizontal flight (in particular during difficult conditions) were analyzed. EEG recording was made with frequency band 0.1-70 Hz continuously from 15 electrodes. The EEG recordings were evaluated(More)
The ability to voluntary control severity of alpha- and beta-2 frequency bands in the parietal and frontal cortical areas was investigated at 17 volunteers using biofeedback. The impact of different personality traits on the effectiveness of control was evaluated. According to the data, it was easier task to decrease expression beta-2 frequency in the(More)
EEG spectral characteristics were studied in 11 essentially healthy volunteers during performance of unfamiliar finger movements with both hands with a voluntary rhythm. As compared with the resting state, preparation and performance of voluntary movements occurred on the background of decreased activation levels in almost all areas of the cortex except the(More)
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