Dmitry Koulikov

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OBJECTIVES We attempted to define predictive factors for surgery in children with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to postnatal diagnosis of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated our 16-yr experience (1988-2003) with 343 children (260 male and 83 female) with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that(More)
PURPOSE Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder disproportionately experience voiding dysfunction and persistent nocturnal enuresis due to a combination of sphincter and detrusor overactivity and nocturnal polyuria. The different treatment approaches to nocturnal enuresis often fail in these patients. Therefore, we performed a prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the surgical outcome of different techniques of primary hypospadias repair in a single department. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated the medical files of all patients who had undergone primary hypospadias repair at our department during the past 3 decades (1978-2009). RESULTS A total of 820 patients were divided into 3 groups.(More)
PURPOSE We reviewed cosmetic and functional outcome of masculinizing genitoplasty (MPG) in intersex patients assigned as a male performed in our service for more than 12 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 57 patients underwent MPG in our department during a 20-year period. Of these cases MPG was performed using modern 1-stage surgical techniques from(More)
We have retrospectively evaluated the effectiveness of laparoscopic transperitoneal partial nephrectomy (LTPN) in children in comparison to an age-matched group of children who underwent open partial nephrectomy (OPN) in terms of safety, operative time, narcotic requirements and the length of hospitalization. All patients were divided into two groups. The(More)
AIM We have retrospectively evaluated our 17 years of experience with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to postnatal diagnosis of megaureter, and tried to determine criteria for surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS Seventy-nine children (64 boys and 15 girls) with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to postnatal diagnosis of megaureter(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the long-term efficacy of a tunica albuginea dorsal plication technique for treating congenital and acquired penile curvature. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 83 patients (median age 1.8 years) who had their penile curvature corrected surgically using dorsal tunica albuginea plication between 1992 and 2002. The(More)
PURPOSE We determined the duration of testosterone suppression and recovery in patients with prostate cancer treated with a hydrogel implant releasing the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist histrelin or treated with a depot GnRH agonist. MATERIALS AND METHODS Luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone (T) responses were monitored in 3 groups.(More)
The management of intersex patients is a challenge. Although in the majority of patients the diagnosis may be made on the basis of cytogenetic and biochemical tests, there is a selective group of patients with difficulties in the establishment of final diagnosis and gender assignment. Since laparoscopy has been used in the management of impalpable gonads in(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated whether improved renal function after pyeloplasty for prenatal ureteropelvic junction obstruction persisted through puberty. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 441 males and 137 females with a prenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to the postnatal diagnosis of ureteropelvic junction obstruction were followed at our department(More)