Dmitry I. Lyakh

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This work reviews the state-specific multireference coupled-cluster (CC) approaches which have been developed as approximate methods for performing high-level quantum mechanical calculations on quasidegenerate ground and excited states of atomic and molecular systems. The term "quasidegenerate" refers to a state that cannot be described even in the first(More)
We introduce the CUDA Tensor Transpose (cuTT) library that implements high-performance tensor transposes for NVIDIA GPUs with Kepler and above architectures. cuTT achieves high performance by (a) utilizing two GPU-optimized transpose algorithms that both use a shared memory buffer in order to reduce global memory access scatter, and by (b) computing memory(More)
The complete-active-space coupled-cluster approach with single and double excitations (CASCCSD) based on the ansatz of Oliphant and Adamowicz [J. Chem. Phys. 94, 1229 (1991); 96, 3739 (1992)] is used to derive an approach termed XCASCCSD for calculating potential energy surfaces of ground and excited electronic states with different multiplicities and(More)
The earlier proposed multi-reference state-specific coupled-cluster theory with the complete active space reference [CASCC; Lyakh et al., J. Chem. Phys. 122, 024108 (2005)] suffered from a problem of energy discontinuities when the formal reference state was changing in the calculation of the potential energy curve (PEC). A simple remedy to the(More)
The recently proposed multireference state-specific coupled-cluster theory with the complete active space reference has been used to study electronically excited states with different spatial and spin symmetries. The algorithm for the method has been obtained using the computerized approach for automatic generation of coupled-cluster diagrams with an(More)
An algorithm for generation of the spin-orbital diagrammatic representation, the corresponding algebraical formulas, and the computer code of the coupled-cluster (CC) method with an arbitrary level of the electronic excitations has been developed. The method was implemented in the general case as well as for specific application in the state-specific(More)
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