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A significant part of current research studies utilizes various cellular models which imply specific antibiotics-containing media as well as antibiotics used for clonal selection or promoter de/activation. With the great success of developing such tools, mitochondria, once originated from bacteria, can be effectively targeted by antibiotics. For that(More)
SIGNIFICANCE A fraction of tumorigenic cells, also known as tumor initiating or cancer stem cells (CSCs), is thought to drive tumor growth, metastasis, and chemoresistance. However, little is known regarding mechanisms that convey relevant pathways contributing to their self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation abilities. Recent Advances: Recent(More)
Given the key role of mitochondria in various cellular events, it is not surprising that mitochondrial dysfunction (MDF) is seen in many pathological conditions, in particular cancer. The mechanisms defining MDF are not clearly understood and may involve genetic defects, misbalance of reactive oxygen species (ROS), impaired autophagy (mitophagy), acquired(More)
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