Dmitry Duplyakin

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With the proliferation of infrastructure clouds it is now possible to consider developing applications capable of leveraging multi-cloud environments. Such environments provide users a unique opportunity to tune their deployments to meet specific needs (e.g., cost, reliability, performance, etc.). Open source multi-cloud scaling tools, such as Nimbus(More)
Streamlined configuration management plays a significant role in modern, complex distributed systems. Via mechanisms that promote consistency, repeatability, and transparency, configuration management systems (CMSes) address complexity and aim to increase the efficiency of administrative procedures, including deployment and failure recovery scenarios.(More)
—Users of CloudLab (and other GENI-derived testbeds) commonly use image snapshots to preserve their working environments and to share them with other users. While snapshots recreate software environments byte-for-byte, they are not conducive to composing multiple environments, nor are they good for experiments that must run across many versions of their(More)
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