Dmitry Dmitriev

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Direct Sanger sequencing of a diploid template containing a heterozygous insertion or deletion results in a difficult-to-interpret mixed trace formed by two allelic traces superimposed onto each other. Existing computational methods for deconvolution of such traces require knowledge of a reference sequence or the availability of both direct and reverse(More)
The topic of IT Architecture has emerged as a popular term in recent years, in particular by the term Service Oriented Architecture. In many ways there is nothing new about IT Architecture; what is new is that both public and private sector organisations are freshly receptive to talking about the strategic shaping of Information Technology using the(More)
The change in the concentration and antigen-binding activity of 28 monoclonal antibodies was studied after their adsorption on the surface of polystyrene microplates in buffers with different pH values (1.0, 2.8, 7.5, 9.6, and 11.9). We used 16 clones to the HIV p24 protein and 12 clones to the surface antigen of Hepatitis B Virus. The binding efficiency of(More)
New replacement names are proposed for seven species of the subfamily Typhlocybinae; one new synonym is recognized in the family Delphacidae. The following changes are proposed: Empoasca (Empoasca) angustata nom.nov. for Empoasca angusta Linnavuori & DeLong (not Dworakowska); Empoasca (Empoasca) chilensis nom.nov. for Empoasca diversa Linnavuori & DeLong(More)
The dependence of the antigen-binding activity of immobilized antibodies on pH of a saturating buffer has been investigated. We analyzed 28 monoclonal antibodies (MCAs) produced by various hybridomas to three virus antigens, i.e., the nuclear p23 protein of hepatitis C virus (C core protein p23), p24 protein of HIV 1, and the surface antigen of hepatitis B(More)
We present a comparative analysis of Raman scattering by acoustic and optical phonons in InAs/AlAs quantum dot superlattices grown on (001) and (311)B GaAs surfaces. Doublets of folded longitudinal acoustic phonons up to the fifth order were observed in the Raman spectra of (001)- and (311)B-oriented quantum dot superlattices measured in polarized(More)
Blood serotonin concentration is thought to regulate behavior and may be implicated in the development of psychopathological symptoms as well. Serotonin transporter regulates the levels of serotonin by the reuptake of this neurotransmitter from the synaptic cleft. In this study we compare the platelet serotonin concentration and constant V(max) value in(More)
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